Friday, June 30, 2006

Angus MacLise : Angus MacLise

Not only the erstwhile Velvet Underground drummer but a 60's counterculture icon. One of the original primitive minimalists, involved in LaMonte Young's Theater Of Eternal Music/Dream Syndicate groups, alongside Tony Conrad, John Cale, Henry Flynt, Jack Smith, Terry Riley, etc... A musician & poet, lived his last years in Kathmandu. Restless & free, he's someone who really lived his art. This is a limited edition vinyl record, privately released in 1997 and represented the first serious introduction of his work to a wider audience. Thunderbolt Pagoda came a couple of years later. Besides being a historic release, this is also a very fine compilation & can serve as a perfect introduction to the man's work. This is real psychedelic music, deep, dark and often scary. The real deal. Check it out if you dare!
Note: Visit Hetty MacLise's blog for some amazing first-hand stories & pics!


Basil Kirchin : Mixing It

Till i find a usable rip of his Worlds Within Worlds meisterwerk, this'll have to do. 15 min's of the man himself talking about his music. Lot of sound excerpts (animal sounds, free blowing, autistic children speaking/singing, the usual...) A genius and originator. Also good sound quality, taken from a radio show. Hope Trunk or someone else will re-release Worlds in the foreseable future...


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This Heat : Early Live Alternate

My favourite band. This is also to commemorate the recent release of the Out Of Cold Storage 6 CD's collected works.
There is a fair amount of Heat bootlegs of varying quality out there. This is a brief (17 min's) one i found on Soulseek under the title Early Live Alternate. Later i found out that these songs are also included in the Rarities & Outtakes boot. 4 songs in all - a killer version of Horizontal Hold, an improv piece, a worldless Triumph Of The Will and something that sounds like an early version of Cenotaph. So i thought you might be interested. Expect hard-core boot sound quality, lot of tape hiss and audience chat.
There will be hopefuly a lot more This Heat posts in this place in the future...


Steve Moore : A Quiet Gathering

Ex-psychology-school-dropout-turned-electro-acoustic-music-wizard's second release (first being a cassette-only Return Of The Poet) from 1988. Side one composed entirely of field recordings edited together to make a logical whole. Side two is an eight-part suite made of samples from other people's music treated into unrecognition, with some scarce 'real' instruments added. Plus a brief, more 'composed' piece. Dramatic, brilliant and listenable. At moments also breathtakingly beautiful...
Note: Be sure to check also his extraordinary Threshold Of Liberty cassette!


Unrest, Work & Play : Andy & Chris

First 12" EP by this Brit duo who sounded like a cross between This Heat and classic era Magic Band, being totaly original at the same time. Just guitar, drums and singing. Right there with the best of their time (Heat, The Work, L.Voag). Imagine living next door to your favourite band... Perhaps the purest of their three releases (one more EP and a LP for Recommended). Incredible & got to be heard!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Borbetomagus : Snuff Jazz

OK. The maestros of improv noise (with a big N) with their album for Agaric from 1988. Some call it jazz, some call it improv, some call it noise. Two saxes (Jim Sauter & Don Dietrich) and one guitar (Donald Miller) in two sidelong performances. Great intensity. They are doing this for almost 30 years now...

Reissued On Cd

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Greetings everybody!
This blog is created with the intention of hosting mainly out-of print classic Recommended Records & related releases, rarities, singles, cassettes, etc... but also artwork, covers, photos, discographies, infos. There will be a lot of vinyl & cassette rips, live boots and the like. A lot of this is already available via sharing services like Soulseek and others but i thought it would be a nice idea to gather some of this in one place for instant access. Of course, i'll follow the general attitude of hosting only music that is not publicly available at this moment. If you find something in this blog at odds with this, let me know and i'll delete.
Please feel free to comment/suggest in any way you like. Also, if you have some music or stuff you think may fit here and are willing to share, drop me a line (or a link). This is all about sharing...
I'll be back soon with my firs posts - hope you'll like them! Till then, have a nice day!
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