Friday, June 30, 2006

Angus MacLise : Angus MacLise

Not only the erstwhile Velvet Underground drummer but a 60's counterculture icon. One of the original primitive minimalists, involved in LaMonte Young's Theater Of Eternal Music/Dream Syndicate groups, alongside Tony Conrad, John Cale, Henry Flynt, Jack Smith, Terry Riley, etc... A musician & poet, lived his last years in Kathmandu. Restless & free, he's someone who really lived his art. This is a limited edition vinyl record, privately released in 1997 and represented the first serious introduction of his work to a wider audience. Thunderbolt Pagoda came a couple of years later. Besides being a historic release, this is also a very fine compilation & can serve as a perfect introduction to the man's work. This is real psychedelic music, deep, dark and often scary. The real deal. Check it out if you dare!
Note: Visit Hetty MacLise's blog for some amazing first-hand stories & pics!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to hearing this. You're posting some excellent stuff, keep up the good work.
Steve T

4:07 PM  
Blogger Loopy C said...

Thanks to Woj (White Noise) just found you.

Some interesting looking stuff (I have a few RR myself that I quite enjoy). Look forward to listening through some of your picks so...thanks in advance ;-)

1:42 AM  

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