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Greetings everybody!
This blog is created with the intention of hosting mainly out-of print classic Recommended Records & related releases, rarities, singles, cassettes, etc... but also artwork, covers, photos, discographies, infos. There will be a lot of vinyl & cassette rips, live boots and the like. A lot of this is already available via sharing services like Soulseek and others but i thought it would be a nice idea to gather some of this in one place for instant access. Of course, i'll follow the general attitude of hosting only music that is not publicly available at this moment. If you find something in this blog at odds with this, let me know and i'll delete.
Please feel free to comment/suggest in any way you like. Also, if you have some music or stuff you think may fit here and are willing to share, drop me a line (or a link). This is all about sharing...
I'll be back soon with my firs posts - hope you'll like them! Till then, have a nice day!
Must figure out now how this damn thing works...


Blogger steven edward streight said...

some of the folks and varnish eaters from Recommended Records have put together a British comedy/rock type podcast channel.

Resonance FM

Harmon e. Phraisyar is seemingly L. Voag, the front man for The Homosexuals.

I especially like Dan Wilson and his The Exciting Hellebore Shew and Epistaxis Time programs.

Most are around 29 minutes long and contain Monty Python type humor mixed with RR type music, very low fi and described as "grinding mediocrity".

"Strange music and post-boring stories", "Speakers 3: Space", "Unlistenable Special", "Overdose Pie" are among my favorite.

You can download the mp3s and burn them to CD.

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