Monday, December 25, 2006

Officer! : Ossification

Mick Hobbs and a loose list of guests including Felix Fiedorowicz, Andy Bole, Cath Jauniaux, Tom Cora, Zeena Parkins, Georgie Born and the rest of The Work in 14 toe-tappers with arrangements ranging from complex chamber-rock to Incredible String Band influenced folk. And all things between. A couple of cuts with string-quartet backing. As idiosyncratic as you would expect from a gathering of such characters. You know the phrase: Pop music as it should be - meaningful, intelligent and entertaining. May i ask why this is not reissued yet?
Note: Keep an eye on the link below for a promised reissue!

Out now!

Lifetones : For A Reason

Ok. This is what i've been waiting for. Went through some trouble finding this, gathering it finally from three different sources. An important addition to round-up the story of This Heat, guitarist (and more) Charles Bullen's first solo release from 1983. Six songs done by the man himself, lacking perhaps the sharp focus and intensity of Heat but compensating with added warmth and a more personal angle. Very dub influenced, showing also his interests towards more dance-hall oriented music.
My favourite post so far, dedicated to all dead blogs.

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Amos & Sara : Sara Goes Pop

After leaving the Homosexuals in 1981, the man of hundred pseudonyms, L.Voag (aka Amos) went into a creative overdrive, releasing about a dozen of solo/collaborative albums in the first half of the eighties, mostly ultra-rare hand-made cassette-only releases. For this one (and a couple more of cassette and vinyl e.p.'s) he teamed up with singer Sara and, as the title suggests, this may be their/his most accesible work and a good place to start investigating (here is a very helpful discography overview and a rare in-depth explanatory interview for the interested). His work is completely original and not sounding like anybody else, comparable only to early Residents in approach & excellence. Coloured-vinyl double 7" in hand silk-screened cover, later (or was it first?) released also on cassette with a lot of added material. Glorious lo-fi. Amos is currently working as a member of the excellent Die Trip Computer crew.
Note: There is a similar post to this with some interesting rant, but no music.