Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bob Ostertag

On the great Detritus site (mentioned earlier) can be found this interesting announcement that deserves to be highlited:
Premier sample/electronic artist Bob Ostertag is offering on his site all his albums (the ones that he owns the rights to) for a free download. Please read first his spot-on & brilliant argumentation and then browse through the albums. I wish only if more artists could operate on such high level of consciousness... What a guy!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, have to comment this one, too! ;)
Ostertag is one of the best artists on the sampler - he makes things with this tool, where others are just stealing and looping. This is ART - and what a very entertaining one. Listening to his Fear No Love (Avant) - one of the most 'rocky' one he made - is pure FUN! I have many of his RecRec releases, though they're much more hard listening - the 'Sooner or Later' just give me the shivers, where Chaquito moans while burying his father (Ostertag recorded that while in El Salvador!).
Cheers, RZ!

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