Friday, September 15, 2006

Wha Ha Ha : Shinu Toki Wa Betsu

Recommended issued in mid-eighties two important records by Japanese artists: After Dinner and a compilation from Wha Ha Ha's three album's. Bear in mind that that was more than 10 years before the Japan-craze that still lingers today. In those days we knew nothing obout their music scene. This is a straight reissue of Wha Ha Ha's first album and it sounds today as fresh as ever. Brilliantly played and produced and featuring the great drummer & main man Senba also of Haniwa Chan (does anyone have Kanashi Bali or Haniwa All Stars?). Strange mixture of lounge music/Zappa/some spanish rhythms and experiments. Patented Japanese very detailed and clear sound.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see this, their first, though this and Getahaitekonakucha have been reissued by "a big label" and are available as Japanese imports. I would encourage everyone to listen to this and go buy the CDs if you find it to your liking (and you should).

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Great stuff! But PLEASE repost the ZNR if you can as it comes as file deleted due to inactivity. Thanks, Richard (

6:50 AM  

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