Friday, September 15, 2006

Bing Selfish : Ego Tripper

Hmmm... Sorry folks for not being able to add the usual comments to these posts last night. To put this right, let's start with...
Your favourite politico/constructivist/existentialist pop star (with an attitude) Mr. Bing himself with one of his earlier attempts to stardom. Cassette only release. An armchair-anarchist, the last of the bohemians, crown prince of avantgarde pop? Enough? And it's all true! Check him out. I think we should be thankful that he's still trying... You can read some more about him here, and please bear in mind that he's just a regular guy, like you & me...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kudos for the Ego Tripping! a hot tip is that "Space College" the "yes it was recorded but never released", project with Xentos Bentos is to see the light of day soon on El Frenzy (the barrio botox label of Bing Selfish).

Bing can also be found on My Space as well :

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