Saturday, September 30, 2006

Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt : Bittova & Fajt

This Checzh duo of singer/violinist (and actress) Iva Bittova and drummer extraordinaire Pavel Fajt caused a small sensation in European festival-circles upon their arrival in the late eighties with a beautiful mixture of poetry, folk elements and a distinct Checzh style of songwriting underlined by Fajt's subtle & inventive drumming style. Released in 1987, this is my favourite album by the multi-talented Bittova, who very quickly became a worldwide 'new music' star. She made a couple more albums with Fajt & the group Dunaj and has a pretty rich solo discography.
The Checzh music scene is incredible, perhaps the strongest in Continental-Europe. There are great groups too numerous to mention and well worth of thorough investigation (you can try Tamizdat for this).



Anonymous Anonymous said...


bittova & fajt are extraordinairy! seen them first in the step across the border film. afterwards bought the review 117 cd AND the czech panton release, which has different titles as well - will sure post this in some time! they're so great!

your posts seem to spring right out of my record collection, i can't believe it! the hat shoes, faust iv, chadbourne's english channel (i have the vinyl one!), oswald's plunderphonics, this heat - are you someone out of my imagination ...? ;)
thanks for putting so much very fine in the ring!

7:54 PM  
Blogger chicken one said...

I am really surprised that i see that album here.. thank you.. another album made by bittova and fajt was called "Pustit musíš".. and it´s really really good.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous vespucci said...

just wanted to thank you for all the posts so far - i'm one of the rather quiet lurkers (and downloaders) around here...
actually my heart jumped a bit when i discovered that blog devoted to Rec. music some time ago - it's good to see that stuff around!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous rz said...

ok orang,
we have a nice understanding going on here, also we have similar tastes (& lot of similar albums in our collections :)
btw keep firm to that english channel longplayer, it'll worth a fortune in some 10 - 20 years!
all best

12:29 PM  
Anonymous rz said...

there will be some more iva here in the future. this album just happens to be my favourite...
thanks man!
all the best to both

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Sermo said...

I agree with all of you, Bittová and Fajt are extraordinary (and the liner notes of the czech release say, that they have practiced intensely for half a year before recording this album - no wonder). Fajt's drumming is not producing rhythm, but melodies. So beautiful.
Recently I made a list with Bittová spots available on Youtube, because it is even greater to see her than only hearing her (I saw her solo once, amazing, bewitching!). In case anybody's interested: (Iva Bittová und Nederlands Blazers Ensemble – Divna slečinka) (Iva Bittová & Bang on a Can – Elida) (Iva Bittová & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble – Francouzská) (Iva Bittová – Huljet) (Iva Bittová & Skampa Quartet – Muzikante co děláte) Bittová & Bang on a Can Allstars – Bolíš mě lásko) (Iva Bittová – Proudem mléka) (Iva Bittová & Václavek: Sto let) (Iva Bittová & Richard Muller – Stane se) (Iva Bittová – Uspavanka) (Iva Bittová & Bang on a Can All Stars) (Iva Bittová & Bang on a Can All Stars – Samota) (Iva Bittová & Václavek – Vzpomínka)

6:18 AM  

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