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Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt : Bittova & Fajt

This Checzh duo of singer/violinist (and actress) Iva Bittova and drummer extraordinaire Pavel Fajt caused a small sensation in European festival-circles upon their arrival in the late eighties with a beautiful mixture of poetry, folk elements and a distinct Checzh style of songwriting underlined by Fajt's subtle & inventive drumming style. Released in 1987, this is my favourite album by the multi-talented Bittova, who very quickly became a worldwide 'new music' star. She made a couple more albums with Fajt & the group Dunaj and has a pretty rich solo discography.
The Checzh music scene is incredible, perhaps the strongest in Continental-Europe. There are great groups too numerous to mention and well worth of thorough investigation (you can try Tamizdat for this).



Anonymous Anonymous said...


bittova & fajt are extraordinairy! seen them first in the step across the border film. afterwards bought the review 117 cd AND the czech panton release, which has different titles as well - will sure post this in some time! they're so great!

your posts seem to spring right out of my record collection, i can't believe it! the hat shoes, faust iv, chadbourne's english channel (i have the vinyl one!), oswald's plunderphonics, this heat - are you someone out of my imagination ...? ;)
thanks for putting so much very fine in the ring!

7:54 PM  
Blogger pwnbrk said...

I am really surprised that i see that album here.. thank you.. another album made by bittova and fajt was called "Pustit musíš".. and it´s really really good.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanted to thank you for all the posts so far - i'm one of the rather quiet lurkers (and downloaders) around here...
actually my heart jumped a bit when i discovered that blog devoted to Rec. music some time ago - it's good to see that stuff around!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok orang,
we have a nice understanding going on here, also we have similar tastes (& lot of similar albums in our collections :)
btw keep firm to that english channel longplayer, it'll worth a fortune in some 10 - 20 years!
all best

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there will be some more iva here in the future. this album just happens to be my favourite...
thanks man!
all the best to both

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you, Bittová and Fajt are extraordinary (and the liner notes of the czech release say, that they have practiced intensely for half a year before recording this album - no wonder). Fajt's drumming is not producing rhythm, but melodies. So beautiful.
Recently I made a list with Bittová spots available on Youtube, because it is even greater to see her than only hearing her (I saw her solo once, amazing, bewitching!). In case anybody's interested: (Iva Bittová und Nederlands Blazers Ensemble – Divna slečinka) (Iva Bittová & Bang on a Can – Elida) (Iva Bittová & Nederlands Blazers Ensemble – Francouzská) (Iva Bittová – Huljet) (Iva Bittová & Skampa Quartet – Muzikante co děláte) Bittová & Bang on a Can Allstars – Bolíš mě lásko) (Iva Bittová – Proudem mléka) (Iva Bittová & Václavek: Sto let) (Iva Bittová & Richard Muller – Stane se) (Iva Bittová – Uspavanka) (Iva Bittová & Bang on a Can All Stars) (Iva Bittová & Bang on a Can All Stars – Samota) (Iva Bittová & Václavek – Vzpomínka)

6:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you like Iva the Superchameleon DVD on Indies is highly recommended. It's the source of the YouTube clips, but includes many more that haven't appeared there, including some of my favorite bits.

The 18 clips from Czech TV archives include two of Iva fronting Dunaj from 1996, performing Kase and Dunaj from the Pustit Musis disc, as well as one track from 1990 of the aborted Marseille Project with Fajt and Ferdinand Richard. The concert from March 2006 which makes up the main portion of the DVD includes six solo pieces, one of which, Kazu, is a delightful bit with Iva suspended from a wire above the audience, while she alternately sings and plays the kazoo. The remainder of the concert is with the Bang on a Can Allstars.

Finally there is a five part collage featuring clips of films in which she appeared in her youth, and even a brief shot of her as a child of about 6 or 7.

4:52 PM  

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